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After almost 8 months of design and research, we are honored to present the finest presentation sculpture that represents the bravery and force of our female soldiers. At 15″ in height, we believe this bronze-finish (resin material), female soldier statue to be the best, most accurate representation of the crucial role that female soldiers share in defending our country and our liberties. For almost 50 years, The Trophy House has been a leader in providing the most accurate and authentic presentation sculptures to members of our armed forces and veterans.

  • Price includes engraving of up to 100 characters (not including spaces). Additional characters are billed up to .15/character. See options.
  • Customer should indicate preferred line breaks with the * symbol. If no * are present, the Engraver will, in good faith, lay out the engraving for the customer. No refunds/exchanges are offered in the customer chooses this option.
  • Avoid delays! Customer MUST indicate the correct range in which his/her character count falls so that it is included in the current transaction. (TOOL: Remember to subtract the "white spaces" from the character count. If additional characters are not indicated, will invoice the customer and production will only begin once payment is received. 

U.S. Female Soldier Statue (15")

Additional Engraving
  • Customer should take extra care to handle this item. Due to the realistic design, there are sections that may protrude and be more susceptible to damage.